"Secondamano" the historical brand has just commenced a new life

Edit Italia, Ravenna, takes over the historical brand Secondamano®

The historical brand has just commenced a new life


Secondamano®” is the first byword for ‘used’ and ‘re-use’ on the international scene. No other word has the same evocative strength, immediacy and traceability, especially at a time when the concept of re-usability is being explored anew, not only to save money but also for ethical reasons, such as reducing wastage and garbage production, and promoting recycling.

Secondamano® is also the prestigious and influential brand that has written the history of Classified Ads and changed the concept of buying and selling, both in Italy and abroad. It has long been associated with the idea of good deals, choice, truthfulness and reliability.

Today the widely known newspapers and magazines in Secondamano’s niche have been acquired by Edit Italia, Ravenna, which was already operating in this business sector with magazines LaPulce, Il Fé and il Rigattiere. Starting from “Secondamano®” (a genuine forerunner of the genre and the landmark for the publishing sector not only in Europe), new acquisitions include almost all the major local periodicals, which will join the list of Edit Italia’s proprietary newspapers and magazines.

Edit Italia is pursuing the ambitious project of managing and developing the historical brand by restoring its ranking and relaunching it in a contemporary key. In fact, it will be possible to “adopt” the brand for a specific geographical area and merchandise sector, thus affiliating an existing business to the brand Secondamano® to exploit its fame and values.

In 1977, on a journey between Canada and the United States, Franco Giuffrida came upon “Buy&Sell”, a magazine entirely centred on used goods. On his return home, he showed it to a very young Manager at Rinascente, Luciano Cervone, and thus they launched their project.

On 31 March 1977, the first issue of Secondamano® was published in Milan in one thousand eight hundred copies. It recorded a resounding success. Fifty thousand copies were circulated in barely a few months, and it soon became the model for ‘free ads’ newspapers in Italy, Europe, Russia and South America.

Then, over the years, the brand changed hands several times from one publishing group to another, from Rusconi to Trader and to the multinational Schibsted. Each of them “exploited” the brand for websites, monthly publications and specialised magazines, turning it into a constellation of products and editions containing thousands of adverts, thus confirming its powerful identity. Now Secondamano® is back in the hands of an experienced publisher in this sector, Edit Italia from Ravenna. The company’s goal is to restore the brand’s rightful universally acknowledged name for quality in all re-use sectors, new life of things, second-hand items in good conditions. At this time in history we are discovering the amazing value of re-use, both for purely economic cost-saving reasons and for fashion-related matters, which is evident in the wide appreciation of vintage items. Not to mention the ethical reasons to be considered: why throw away something that could have a second life?

Secondamano® has made the history of this world, and now it is doing it again, in its new life.

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